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We are a professional building company in Lebanon with solutions for all your home and office build and repair need

Basco sarl is a Property Management, Maintenance, and Construction Company, owned and controlled by a team of engineers and professional managers.

Established in 1997, with the mission of providing specialized quality Services to all Commercial Properties and Industrial Complexes.

Scope of Works

1. Property Management, Operation, and Maintenance Works, including Repairs and Refurbishement, in one of the following contract systems

Images/Button2.pngTurn Key Projects including Building Management

/Images/Button2.pngO&M Comprehensive Coverage

Images/Button2.pngInspection Maintenance

Images/Button2.pngPreventive Maintenance visits

Images/Button2.pngCorrective Maintenance visits

Emergency Calls

2. Renovation and Decorative Works

Images/Button2.pngBasco Knows how to successfully move a Renovation plan from conception to Completion

Services Provided

Basco Provides the full range of services required for all phases of a project. The services listed below can be provided separately or combined to offer a total turnkey package:

Images/Button2.pngProject Management

Images/Button2.pngPlanning & Scheduling

Images/Button2.pngPurchasing, Inspection and Expediting

Images/Button2.pngBuilding Facility Maintenance

Images/Button2.pngCivil Renovation Works

Images/Button2.pngLandscaping and Irrigation

     Please call 961 3 299441, 961 3 310084 to discuss the best maintenance program to suit your needs.
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