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Basco offers a complete building and maintenance services and has the solution for your building and property requirements


1. Electromechanical Systems:

Images/Button2.png HVAC, Refrigeration installations

Images/Button2.png Hydraulics and Pumping Stations

Images/Button2.png Fire Fighting Systems

Images/Button2.png Standby Power Generation Plants

Images/Button2.png LPG Process Systems


2. Water & Sewage Treatment:

Images/Button2.png Brakish Water R.O Desalination Plants

Images/Button2.png Sewage Treatment plants

Images/Button2.png Swimming Pools and Fountains


3. Conveying Systems:

Images/Button2.png Elevators, Escalators, and Conveyers


4. Landscaping and Irrigation Systems.


5. Civil Works.


6. Surface Protection and Corrosion

 Prevention Systems.


7. House Keeping Services:

Images/Button2.png Cleaning and Pest Control

Images/Button2.png Safety and Security



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